Optometrists Chiropractors Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists Audiologists Podiatrists Mental Health Practitioners (except Physicians) Capital Kuwait Phone Number List Investment/Overhead: Capital investment ranges widely depending on the specialization. The startup costs for an Optometry practice can be in excess of $300,000 for office space, Kuwait Phone Number List equipment, and inventory, whereas a Mental Health Practitioner can work from home or from a small office. Education/Training and Barriers to Entry: All Health Care providers require a bachelor’s degree Kuwait Phone Number List followed by a degree program in the specialization in order to become a licensed practitioner.

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Management, Scientific and Technical Kuwait Phone Number List Consulting Services Business colleagues discussing ideas in an office. Ezra Bailey / Getty Images Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting businesses provide specialized services in a variety of disciplines to businesses and governments, including:Management consulting Human Resources Kuwait Phone Number List consulting Marketing Finance Corporate Strategy Environmental compliance Workplace safety Information Technology Firms range in size from one-person consulting businesses to large firms that offer services in a variety of areas.

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Capital Investment/Overhead: Startup costs are minimal except for some of the scientific disciplines that may require specialized equipment. Most can be Kuwait Phone Number List operated as home-based businesses.Education/Training and Barriers to Entry: A bachelor’s degree at minimum, typically followed by specialized training and/or related work experience. Warehousing and Storage Worker in warehouse facility with storage bins. alvarez / Getty Images Warehousing Kuwait Phone Number List and storage facilities are always in demand from both residential and commercial customers. Many businesses do not have on-site space for storing equipment or inventory, and home owners often have more possessions than space in the home.

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