Welcome message:

You activate the automatic sequence when a new subscriber fills out a form and registers in the database. You greet him -if it is by his name, much better- and you can add a discount code to generate a USA Phone Number more intense conversation. That welcome message will be the cover letter for your marketing automation strategy.

Message on a special date:

Send a message to the customer on a special date from time to time, for example, on their birthday or remembering their last purchase. You simply have to add the date to your contact list and the software will take care of the rest. Easy, right?

Update message:

This message is sent to update the client when any of their information in the database changes, for example, a change of date, address or a specific interest.

Abandoned cart reminder

USA Phone Number

Sending an abandoned cart reminder message is for customers who have added products to their cart, but haven’t completed their purchase. It is one of the most persuasive techniques to generate sales.

Page view message:

Automate sending when your web page is being visited or consulted. Likewise, it is reported if they have left you a comment on it.

Received campaign message:

It is a message that re-contacts customers who received one of your campaigns based on their needs or interests.


Do you want to have a very powerful campaign on all social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and others at the same time? You don’t have to worry about the time you have to dedicate to each network, have a lot of imagination or a very high team.

Marketing automation is the answer. Try it to meet your goals and implement the actions you propose to reach customers at the perfect time.

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