Editor’s Guide: E-commerce is one of the hottest tracks in recent years. The surge in the number of users also represents an increase UAE Phone Number in workload. At this time, it is very important to equip customer service personnel with a useful work order system. The author of this article will start from his own experience and analyze how to make good use of a work order management system, hoping to help you. Today, when e-commerce is in full swing, customer service plays a supporting role throughout the entire process from reaching the platform to UAE Phone Number completing shopping. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the customer service staff with a usable and easy-to-use work order system.

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A work order is a document use to follow up on customer issues. Then let’s look at two requirements for the use of work orders: All UAE Phone Number customer service issues need to be record Issues that clients need to follow up on need to be record In the actual use process, the combination of definitions and rules will lead to two situations: Full record of customer problems: Whether it is initiated by the customer through the platform or notified to the customer service personnel by phone or online, the customer service personnel need to record these problems in the work order. Create a ticket. Record the problems UAE Phone Number that need to be followed up and dealt with. The problems initiated by customers basically need to be follow up and dealt with.

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The problems that are inquire by telephone or customer service are judge by the customer service. Staff and recorded or not recorded. In the first case, all problems UAE Phone Number will be record, and the initiation scenario will be clearly locate, which is convenient for statistical analysis of all problems in the later stage, to find out customer problem points, and then optimize through system and operation methods to reduce the occurrence of such problems. Appear. Of course, this will increase the workload of customer service and the UAE Phone Number number of work orders. If there is no support for a relatively easy-to-use work order system. The purpose of the reverse push system and operation optimization cannot be achiev.

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