Editor’s Guid Teachers have always been a highly value profession because they. Shoulder the responsibility of educating the next Indonesia Phone Number generation. Therefore, the quality of teachers directly affects the quality of school teaching. But in real life, there are still many problems to be solve in the recruitment of teachers. The author of this article will analyze this and hope it will help you. During the operation of the school, the quality of teachers is related to. Indonesia Phone Number  the quality of teaching. And what kind of teachers are recruite is directly relate to the future of the school.

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The way we do things determines our results. The way teachers are recruite is also directly relate to the quality of teachers recruite. 01 Indonesia Phone Number  In traditional recruitment methods, there are widespread problems of inefficiency, whether it is the notification form for internal recruitment, or the queue to fill in the form at social/campus job fairs, there are always many troubles. The first is that there is always a certain time lag between the release. Of recruitment information and teachers, and the cycle  fixed. When teachers are needd, they do not know where to find Indonesia Phone Number teachers, and when teachers are looking for jobs, they do not know where to find schools. The second recruitment method of filling out the form by hand is always very poor in transmitting information, causing trouble for the writer and pain for the reader.

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Moreover, because the human handwriting ability has now given way to computer writing, handwriting is often a mess. Again and Indonesia Phone Number again these written documents always require additional steps in the circulation and reproduction process, resulting in a waste of resources and must therefore be changed. Disadvantages: Traditional recruitment methods are often out of touch with this Internet era. To acquire more different teachers, more channels Indonesia Phone Number are nedd to recruit. Due to the relationship between information transmission methods, traditional recruitment covers a limited number of people, so it cannot be expanded to a large number of teachers.



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