The new technology without cookies is gaining ground, as it also works without the support of the Google and Apple monopolies.

Identity providers record when a person enters a website. This information is passed on to advertising companies. So they can recognize who is interested in what, even without cookies. Most of the time the Training Directors Email Lists is used as a unique identifier. For tracking purposes and to protect the identity of the person being profiled, the email address (or phone number) is usually encrypted (=turned into a sequence of numbers and letters) that matches uniquely with the original address, like a fingerprint.

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Example of profiling technique: Personalizadvertising with an identity provider works by tracking people through their logins and IP addresses (example).

A person logs into an online store and clicks on a robot vacuum cleaner. The store records this information. The store then bids for ad space on any ad-site; these auctions are fully automated and run in milliseconds. The advertiser can add conditions for his ad to be. In this case, the ad should only reach people who have seen the robot vacuum cleaner before.

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Machine Learning in Big Data Analytics

For example, the person who has previously entered the store and has now also entered a news site with the same email address. The advertising platform can merge both logins, since they are both to the same, and display the robot vacuum cleaner ad on the news site.

This judgment follows the invalidity of the Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield treaties between the United States and Europe. These treaties aimed to impose stricter rules on US personal data processors, in order to align the processing of personal data with the GDPR. These treaties were successfully by Max Schrems.

At the end of March, Europe and the United States declared that they had reached an agreement.

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