It is no coincidence that it fits nicely with the Panama Phone Number Frankwatching house style. Implement and monitor your image style By thinking about a photography style in advance, you can ensure that the photography fits your house style. If you have look closely at the corporate identity and the appropriate photography, you can develop the photography style well. You can give photographers a house style document and a briefing in which you indicate what kind of photos you expect. You can also show some pictures Panama Phone Number that you really like. Read here how to properly inform a photographer .

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It is useful to discuss with the communication department to what extent photos should meet your ideal image. It is up to the communication department to monitor the style and communicate internally what is expecte from photos. You Panama Phone Number can also distinguish between mia expressions. What do you do when an account manager posts his self-made – not too good – photo with a LinkedIn message from your company? Nowadays anyone can quickly take a photo with a smartphone and post it online. However, people are by Panama Phone Number no means always capable of looking critically at their own photos. Problems can be prevented by making internal agreements.

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For example, you can have photos Panama Phone Number taken for your website by a professional photographer. Employees are then allowed to take and use photos for social media expressions, possibly after approval from your communication department. You could also make agreements about whether or not it is compulsory to use photos from the internal image bank. You can also place smartphone photos in it after they have been approved by the communication department. If you think carefully beforehand about what kind of Panama Phone Number photos you will and will not allow in which location, you can intervene if things go wrong. Want to read more about posting photos on websites? Then read:

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