The three major workplace illusions Finland WhatsApp Number List of product dogs were originally. Written in a few suggestions for new product people. But i thought about it carefully and found that. Whether it is a newcomer or an old man, even whether it is a product. Or development or other positions, more or less. There are all three illusions.

Because of the occupation, then choose the product dog to do the surgery. After all, the three major illusions are basically the points that the product dog must blow during the interview.

No matter what business or type of company you are dealing with, you must write on your resume anyway:

“I am familiar with this, familiar with that, know this, know that” (in fact, it is all general);

“Strong communication skills, able to Finland WhatsApp Number List communicate well with business departments and development departments, and even teach business to be a person, teach development to write CURD” (sounds awesome);

“Strong learning ability, you can master Axure in 3 days, start building web pages in 7 days, and learn Java in 21 days…” (This seems to be a master with an IQ above 150);

“The ability to execute is strong, as long as there is an order, it must be executed; do not procrastinate, have a sense of responsibility, have conditions, and create conditions without conditions” (Is it from Dongfeng Express? Dongfeng Express, the mission must be achieved??);

Although the paragraph is a paragraph. It is also a paragraph for a reason, because my resume is also written like this.

Finland WhatsApp Number List
Finland WhatsApp Number List

But I won’t be so arrogant, I’m still a bit pushy, at most I just write this is good, that’s okay. But don’t dare to brag like that, you want your face, you want a face.

Now that the gossip is over, let’s talk about how the three major illusions in the workplace should be worthy of the name and not become the three major illusions.

Illusion 1: Strong communication skills

Communication ability can be divided into expression ability and comprehension ability.

Most people with poor expressive ability are introverted personalities, characterized by a lack of expression, especially introverted, dull, and not good at speaking. Over time, the ability to express will be lacking. There are also a small number of people who have insufficient thinking ability, express a lot of desires, and have a lot of ideas, but before they can figure it out clearly, their mouths slap a lot of words.

The direction of the rescue of introverted personality is the transformation of personality. First, let yourself be extroverted, talk more, and then you will gradually improve in communication. People with insufficient thinking ability must first realize that their thinking ability is not enough, and then think about how to improve their thinking ability and logical ability. Many books have introductions, and at the same time, you should communicate with more powerful people to see how others communicate.

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