Editor’s introduction: It’s the end of the year again, and it’s not far from the spring recruiting. Students who want to seize the opportunity Malaysia Phone Number of spring recruitment can start preparing now. When looking for a job, a personal portfolio is a must. A good portfolio can catch the attention of HR and the interviewer. Thus adding points to your interview and helping you find a job. So, do you design your own personal portfolio? There are still 80 days before the Malaysia Phone Number Chinese New Year, and less than 100 days before the 2021 gold, silver and four gold job hunting season, so I still have to ramble about the fossil-level old topic of the portfolio.

Structure: Frame Sorting Malaysia Phone Number

The point of a personal portfolio is not the “work” but the “person” Since the team was formed last year, nearly 60 designer friends have been interviewed, Malaysia Phone Number ranging from the P4 level who have just graduated to the P7 level who have worked for more than 10 years, basically covering the main groups of current job seekers. So many people are competing for the only 3 or 4 positions in my hands. The joy of being successfully hired, and the constant wailing of Malaysia Phone Number being forced to be eliminated. On the one hand, it shows the cruelty of competition in this industry; on the other hand, it also continuously optimizes the ability model of talents in my heart.

Classification and Arrangement Malaysia Phone Number

Malaysia Phone Number

Faced with this situation, I tried to summarize some of the most common questions in past portfolio interviews: NO. 1: IMHO, the point of a personal Malaysia Phone Number portfolio is not the “work” but the “person” Putting too much energy into the works, or even temporarily producing works and adding them in, makes the portfolio look like a summary of projects. There is no personal advantage to highlight. NO. 2: IMHO, the point of a personal portfolio is not the “work” but the “person” I started to do it before it was sorted out. The time spent on the cover image is Malaysia Phone Number often greater than the structural thinking of the entire portfolio, resulting in the entire structure not being able to penetrate.



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