Many people live in such a state that they Chile WhatsApp Number List work aimlessly and live aimlessly. Get up, go to work, go home from get off work, swipe Douyin, chat with friends, play games, fall asleep when I feel sleepy, and the reading plan I made ruined again. Day after day, in this way, every day seems to have new content, but in retrospect after a period of time, you will find that there is no other growth except for a little accumulation of work experience (not necessarily professional skills).

If you want to be a person who lives a fulfilling life, focuses on growth and efficiency, and aspires to a better version of yourself, maybe the goal work method can help you.

What is the target work method?

The target work method is based on the project, the project is disassembled into goals, and then assigned to weekly and daily goals.

In this working method, we divide matters into “projects, tasks, activities, other”.

  • Project: A collection of multiple tasks with the same goal. The purpose of establishing a project is to complete a certain product or a certain service. For example, add a project called “Write a Book Review of A Brief History of the Future.”
  • Tasks: That is, the specific things to be done. The tasks disassembled from the project will be assigned to weekly goals and daily goals.
  • Activity: Something to do at a specific time, such as attending a meeting, where a reminder date can set using a tick list or similar tool. When the event is approaching, include it in the daily goal.
  • Others: Items that cannot be classified into the above categories. Generally less.

The goal work method seems Chile WhatsApp Number List very simple, but it is not easy to practice. Let’s talk about how to apply the goal work method.

How to apply the target work method?

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A project (or goal) will go through the stages of planning, execution, and review . Next, we will discuss the specific points of applying the target work method according to the “planning stage”, “execution stage” and “review stage”.

Phase 1: Planning Phase

The main work in the planning stage is to develop a project list, set weekly goals and daily goals.

How to make a project list?

The core of “making a project list” is to plan around the “output”. For example, if you want to write an article on “A Brief History of the Future” Book Review, then this project can named “A Brief History of the Future” Book Review Project “.

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