Editor’s introduction: As a giant in the Russia Phone Number social field. WeChat has a very large number of users and daily activities. In order to further enrich the functions of WeChat and enhance user stickiness. WeChat launched a small program in 2016, which instantly attracted a large number of users through “jump and jump”. Today, small programs have also become the representative of lightweight operation. So, what is the ranking mechanism of WeChat applet search? Russia Phone Number As Tencent officials continue to give WeChat mini programs new functions. this new function has attracted more and more attention.

First, Let’s Talk About the Russia Phone Number

So how to make your own applet stand out among the many applet programs has become a concern of the majority of operators. Today, I’m Russia Phone Number going to talk to you about the use of applet rankings to attract traffic from WeChat for free. First, let’s talk about the classification of the display methods of small programs 1. Nearby Mini Programs This presentation method is not too unfamiliar to operators who have started to operate Mini Programs. The display of nearby Russia Phone Number Mini Programs in our daily contact with Mini Programs is an important traffic entry for Mini Programs.

Search Applet Russia Phone Number

The main reason why everyone is familiar with this function is that Tencent has given a more attractive promotion method. A free display Russia Phone Numbers of 1-5 kilometers nearby. Which is particularly attractive to many businesses. However, due to Tencent’s review mechanism, if there is only one store, the merchant can only display it in a fixed location, and the coverage is limited. The ranking rule here is very simple. It is judged according to the geographical location of Russia Phone Number WeChat users and the storefront. The closer the store is, the higher the display will be. The factors of manual intervention are almost impossible.



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