According to Wikipedia : In probability theory and statistics, the expected value of a discrete random variable (or mathematical expectation, also referred to as expectation, called expected value in physics) is the result of each possible outcome in an experiment multiplied by its result the sum of the odds. In other words, the eThe expected value may not be equal to each result. In other words, the expected value is a weighted average of the ouis a zero-sum game.


There is no profit or loss. It is a game of pure luck.

So what if the rules of the game are changed to the winner who can get 500 yuan? Expected value = (500 – 100) * ( 1 / 6 ) + (0 – 100) * (5 / 6) = -16.6 This game Portugal Phone Number is not cost-effective for the participants because the calculated expected value  After understanding the simple concept of expected value, we can simplify the algorithm of expected value to the following

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If the bonus is greater than the sum of everyone’s contributions,

You will make money If the bonus is less than the sum of everyone’s contributions, you will lose money If they are equal, it is a no-win game Next, let’s go to our topic – scratching music. Is scratch-off a money-making game or a money-losing game? We choose the golden drum in the 100 yuan scratch music to understand. According to the bonus structure announced by Taiwan Lottery on December 30, 2021, the bonus structure is as follows. We only need to calculate the total bonus and the sum of everyone’s investment,

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