Likewise, the consulting firm has made public new changes in its shareholding structure to consolidate its growth and is open to Albania Email Lists incorporating professional partners and strategic allies. The company has announced the departure of the hitherto cabinet partner Guillem Carol, who will initiate other business projects. “Investing in beBartlet has meant betting on Albania Email Lists the future of consulting in Spain,” says Carol. “We are committed to a model where our best professionals can be incorporated into the shareholding structure of the company Albania Email Lists vand we are open to new strategic allies joining,” says Jofre Bosch.

modification of the statutes

Nacho Corredor will lead the Circle of Advisors and will continue to lead the Observatory of New Leadership of the company The company has Albania Email Lists also announced that the political scientist Nacho Corredor, founding partner of beBartlet, will chair the Cabinet’s Circle of Advisors formed, among others, by the sociologist Cristina Monge, the political scientist Marta Pascal, the economists Jorge Díaz Lanchas and Luis Moreno, or the journalist Javier Puig, former president of Edelman in Spain, and will continue to head the New Leadership Observatory. « We need the new political, social Albania Email Lists and business referents to assume the importance of their role in society.

Albania Email Lists

Generating spaces for the exchange of experiences and reflections between generations is one Albania Email Lists of the best contributions Albania Email Lists that can be made from the private sector to society as a whole, ”says Corredor. “We are fortunate to have one of the leaders of our generation at the forefront of this initiative,” said Jofre Bosch.In the 2000s, Thermomix® introduced great innovations such as the LCD screen or the reverse rotation functionality with the arrival of its Albania Email Lists TM31 model in 2004. Also at that time the ambassador of those years, Manu Tenorio , rose to fame as a singer.

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