In the same way that not every follower seeks.  The same level of involvement with a brand. We will find multiple types of followers. With very different motivations, incentives and objectives. Sometimes it is interesting to detect niches within the community. To serve in a special way, as Intermarché does by opening stores.  Only for seniors in the north of France. But often a brand grows.  When it ventures to establish relationships with non-natural communities. Collectives and or people who are not supposed to have a direct interest in it. Finding wine lovers among moviegoers is not obvious. But TMC has created a Premium subscription service that integrates the two worlds with great success. Reaching new communities implies leaving the comfort zone and having new topics of conversation.

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Farmers to denounce (and change) the European regulations that limited the cultivation of agricultural varieties Banner Design to a few promoted by large producers like Monsanto. Carrefour brand communities In short, there are multiple ways to connect and grow brand communities. Beyond these tips, the important thing is to keep in mind the great value they provide, both in terms of business and at a reputational level. Without a strong, involved and sustained community, a brand is much more exposed to the ups and downs of the economy and the competitive environment . The correlation between Brand Orientation and Business Performance Conrad Llorens The correlation between Brand Orientation and Business Performance Posted on February 17, 2021 The objective of the Brand Orientation and Business Performance study.

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Which we have just carried out jointly

Which we have just carried out jointly with the Leading Brands Forum, was to: Identify the variables that define the Brand Orientation of a company India Lead and their weights. Know the practices carried out by the most brand-oriented companies. Develop an index that would serve as a diagnostic tool and for the implementation of best practices in companies. Analyze if there is a direct correlation between Brand Orientation and Business Performance. The conclusions of the study are very important and we believe that they will contribute significantly to improving brand management and therefore business results. Video player 00:00 01:41:20 What do the most brand-oriented companies do.

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