The tensions born around the bosom of the Advertising Academy have continued since that manifesto that was released in September. In it, a group Algeria Email Lists of partners of the entity, as well as former members and Academics of Honor, joined forces to collect their opinion on the changes that this body that represents the advertising industry should undertake in Algeria Email Lists the opinion of that group of people.Now the Advertising by the Academy collective is born , which pursues this objective of achieving ” being represented by an Advertising Academy willing to defend the interests of its profession , under the principles of independence, integrity and transparency”, as it Algeria Email Lists says in the statement presented.

Advertising Academy

“Advertisers cannot remain Algeria Email Lists oblivious to what their governing bodies transmit to society in an environment as sensitive as the current one, in which external threats are frequent, putting at risk the future development of an industry increasingly constrained by a growing and populist regulatory craving , which transfers responsibilities to advertising professionals Algeria Email Lists that do not correspond to them, ”the letter continues.

Algeria Email Lists

According to Advertising by the Academy explains, in the advertising sector there is no business association that specifically looks after the Algeria Email Lists particular interests of advertisers as a whole. Later, he emphasizes that the Advertising Academy would be, according to its current statutes, “the ideally situated entity to defend advertisers before society and protect advertisers Algeria Email Lists before institutions.”He then details that since last July the new Board of Directors has been in charge of serving as the highest executive body of the Academy. Meanwhile, it emphasizes the manifesto of a series of advertisers who demanded dialogue from that board and different modifications in the statutes.

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