Editor’s introduction: With the development of the Internet, more people will use electronic products to obtain information; many products do not have a large number Thailand Phone Number of users with disabilities at first. And problems often arise when they are use, so the information accessibility function has become a product. necessary Considration; the author of this article share the research and application of information accessibility, let’s take a look. Accessibility of information means that anyone can access and use information in an equal. Convenient and barrier-free manner under any circumstances. With the increasing coverage of the Internet. It is more Thailand Phone Number urgent for groups with physical limitations to obtain information through the Internet. Which requires Internet products to optimize information accessibility.

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In my country, its beneficiaries include at least: more than 85 million disabled people, more than 200 million elderly people over 60 years old, a huge number; taking the Thailand Phone Number lead in considering information accessibility can increase the advantages of the product and bring more users. Today’s smartphones have set off a revolution in accessibility aids, and Internet designers standing at this critical point should also start taking action. Let’s start with the following easy-to-implement things to optimize accessibility. 1. About screen reading Thailand Phone Number For visually impaire users, listening to the screen reading voice is use to undrstand the interface information you dsigne. Screen reading software is like their eyes to undrstand the Internet world. Its principle is to directly read the text in the interface.

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Not only … but also, If the icon button is not labeld with accessibility labels. The screen reading will read “unpronounceable”, then the visually impaired cannot obtain these information. Thailand Phone Number and naturally cannot use the functions you designed. The solution is: Accessibility labels need to be added to the product  be easily found in the corresponding developer documentation, which can be sent to your cooperating R&D students). Decorative icons can hide labels from reading, improving screen reading efficiency. It is not recommendd to do no processing Thailand Phone Number or tagging, then what the user hears is “no tag”, which will make the user feel uneasy that there is some important information here that cannot be read. The labels are short and precise, and verbs are use whenever possible.



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