For a few years now, Black Friday offers have tended to extend their duration by days , even weeks, before the Friday in question, which is Cameroon Email list reflected in the search behaviors related to this day that occur earlier and earlier, as it comes. looking at Captify, the leading search intelligence platform for the open web.In 2019, searches on Black Friday began in mid-November, while in 2020 they began at the end of October, being more representative at the beginning of Cameroon Email list November. In 2021, the first intent search took place on September 25, but it was from October 4 that they began to index above the average, remaining constant until October 24, when they skyrocket. The reason could be linked to the increase in E-Commerce users, 75% more in 2020 than in 2019 and 87% more in 2021 than in 2020.

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Taking the above into account, Captify Cameroon Email list recommends carrying out Branding campaigns from the beginning of October to launch a Performance strategy days before Black Friday.Travel, the most searched category during Black Friday Comparing the searches carried out between October 5 and November 5, 2020 with those carried out between November 5 and December 5, an iCameroon Email list ncrease in the same is observed the days before Back Friday.

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Captify points out that there is an Cameroon Email list opportunity for those categories that do not represent considerable increases in branding and in those categories in which users are most interested, performance actions to get the most out of it.The Travel category , for example, showed an exponential variation in 2020 above other categories (+ 1204%), followed by Home and garden (+ 169%), Books and literature (+ 83%) and Technology (42%). In the latter category, computer, smartphone Cameroon Email list and headphones were the items in which users showed the greatest interest.

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