Information from the world health organization (who) reveals. That there were 8.2 million deaths related to cancer. Only at the end of 2012. And to raise awareness and try to reduce cases. The international center for research on cancer (civic). The company of the international union against cancer (ICC) designated February. 4 as world cancer day, with which the internet and brands. Join this fight. It is estimated that cancer cases Nigeria B2B List million. In the next 20 years, were those related to the lung, liver. Breast and stomach predominate, however, these tend to be different depending on sexual gender. And despite the fact that cancer, if diagnosed early. Has a better chance of being cured, it is still pointed out that 70 percent of deaths . Come from low- to middle-income countries.

National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI),

For its part, in mexico, the national institute of geography. And statistics (inegi), announces that breast cancer is the main cause of. Morbidity in hospitals. In addition, infocáncer indicates that the type of cancer with the highest incidence in the. The country is uterine, followed by colon or rectum, lung, stomach, and liver. The #worldcancerday Nigeria B2B List networks at a national. And the global level, since so far, it has 140 thousand mentions according to the curator. Likewise, in the united states #worldcancerday stands out with 193 thousand. The event is joined by different brands, both national and international. With messages that emphasize the importance of detecting it in time. We will show you some of them.

WorldCancerDay gains relevance in social networks

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It is, clearly, a formula that Twitter is testing to attract more public. The reason? The numbers of the social network are not the best and the forecasts for the future, either. With the idea of ​​generating interest from people who are not part of its user community, Twitter modified its home page in the vast majority of countries since Monday. The new cover, valid for both its web and mobile versions, shows who you enter messages published on the Nigeria B2B List the need for the observer to be logged in with their username or password. At first glance, in its web version, it looks very similar to a news portal like the many that abound on the Internet. It also looks like personal newspapers that are automatically generated from the news selection (like ).


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