During the research project that Tutanota ran together with the L3S research institution at the Leibniz University of Hannover, the researchers evaluated all of the NIST Round 2 algorithms for security, low resource impact, and low performance. fast yield before settling on CRYSTALS-Kyber and CRYSTALS-Dilithium.

Now, NIST says in a statement that it “recommends two main algorithms for most use cases: CRYSTALS-KYBER (key establishment) and CRYSTALS-Dilithium (digital signatures).”

“The fact that these algorithms R&D Directors Email Lists have been chosen as final candidates by NIST is the best case scenario for us,” says Vitor. “At the same time, we are not surprised that NIST chose these algorithms, as they are the fastest. Our protocol was designed to work with any of the NIST contest candidates, but our performance tests showed that the CRYSTALS family would provide the best experience for our users.”

Authority in writing a good headline? 

Next step, round four, is being watched closely by the cybersecurity community, and in particular by us at Tutanota: “Now we’re going to see a lot of effort put into trying to break these algorithms.

It is easy to apply this mechanism, because naming an important person or company helps to increase your conversion. For example:

  • No clickbait and yet convince with 7 principles of influence from Cialdini

I used Cialdini’s authority to direct you to this blog.

It is also nice to mention that this is about the 7 principles of influencing, so that you understand why I bring Cialdini in. In other words, it becomes  clickbait if you throw names for no reason. And you want to avoid that. 

But also:

R&D Directors Managers Email Lists


Klaasje, of course you are.

And Pietje Puk, who doesn’t know him.

Very famous. And that’s what you want to ask for your customer case. If Pietje Puk says that he has grown 400% with you, then that must be correct. And if another potential customer also wants that, he will of course read the customer case. 

Ultimately, of course, you become the authority yourself, so you can already out by mentioning your own name in the SEO title. 

5. Sympathy

Sympathy is the feeling of affection or agreement. You can evoke sympathy by, for example, using dogs, cats, grandmothers and children, but also by displaying behavior that people generally like. For example: generosity, being open to questions, caring.

Disney, for example, is a sympathetic brand at first glance. You immediately think of Bambi or Mickey, happy children and cheerfulness. That gets people over the line.

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