As marketers, we have to take this into account. It used to Senegal Phone Number work well if you advertised a 15 to 30 second video, but today you don’t want a video ad to last longer than 15 seconds . In fact, after testing Senegal Phone Number it often turns out that 5-second videos provide the best results. That means that the message of your video should already be clear in the first 3 seconds. Do you still want to advertise with a longer video? Then Senegal Phone Number make sure that the message is clear in the first 3 seconds, so that the viewer can decide to watch the rest of the video afterwards. 2. Create multiple formats As I mentioned before, it is now common to use multiple placements.

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However, it doesn’t look pretty if you use a square image in a Story of Reels. Therefore make sure that you supply a different format of the creative you want to use for each placement. Keep in mind that you have no text in a Story format, so Senegal Phone Number make sure that your message in the creative is also clear without a headline and text. 3. Use moving image You don’t always have to use video, but Senegal Phone Number part in your creative. As a result, it grabs more attention than a static image, but you don’t have to produce an entire video. Platforms often prefer a video (including a creative with a moving element), because this usually Senegal Phone Number ensures that the user stays on the platform longer.

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Trigger your target audience with personalized ads You Senegal Phone Number can mainly attract attention through personalized advertisements. There are several tools and programs you can work with to get this done. The examples below are from the social media management platform Hunch , but these solutions are Senegal Phone Number other management platforms, such as Smartly . Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) are anything but boring Social advertising: DPA example before and after DPA example before and after. Owned by Hunch Ads One Senegal Phone Number of the first things we tackle with Hunch is the creatives for DPA campaigns.

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