A brand-awareness campaign focuses on building a company’s reputation within a market and growing corporate or product name recognition among a targeted demographic. Because brand awareness can be hard to quantify, this type of project creates unique challenges for a marketing consulting business seeking to justify a customer’s marketing investment. Clearly discussing the project objectives with the client will aid in minimizing marketing consulting risk and liability.

Results for lead-generation campaigns are generally easier to track, as these projects produce tangible, traceable results. These marketing campaigns are designed to generate leads that will in turn help the company to sell a product or service, whether it’s an immediate buy such as a soft drink or book, or a longer-term commitment such as a technology system or membership.

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But new sales aren’t the only measure of success. Many companies also have business objectives to grow their customer base; convert prospects to buyers; or turn existing buyers into high-volume, loyal customers.

Before a marketing consultant Canadian CEO Email Lists can develop an effective strategy to achieve the desired results, he or she must first develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s industry and customer base. Most importantly, any marketing strategy must be tied to a company’s strategic objectives to ensure greater success and reduce risk for marketing firms.

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To translate a customer’s needs into a viable marketing project. The first step is to achieve the deepest possible understanding of what a client’s business objectives are. In assessing a client’s needs, a marketing consultant must consider numerous factors that will affect the company, long after the marketing campaign has finished. Smart marketing consultants employ an interview process to better define potential opportunities and ensure agreement on the campaign’s objectives. Questions may include:

o What is the client’s business goal and strategy to achieve it?

o Who and where are the client’s customers? What are they buying, and why?

o What markets would the client like to move into?

o What is the goal of this campaign? (Increase revenue? New customers? Market penetration? Repeat business? Customer loyalty?)

o What marketing efforts has the client made in the past, and what were the results?


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