Does your business need a data governance plan? The answer is, yes, all organizations need to be able to make decisions about how

The popular app BeReal, I finally gave VP Facility Manager Email Lists myself a try last week. While we often show the best version of ourselves on Insta and YouTube, this app tries to keep it all real and nice and mundane. I show you how it works in this video!

The app is very simple to use. Every day you will receive a push notification at a random time. You then have exactly two minutes to quickly take a photo, whatever you are doing at the time.

Don’t Let Bad Data Bite

Financial institutions, like many other industries, are grappling with how best to harness and extract value from big data. Enabling users to either “see the story” or “tell their story” is the key to deriving value with data visualization tools, especially as data sets continue to grow.

You take a photo with two cameras: the camera on the back of your phone appears large, and at the same time you also take a selfie that appears small in the picture. Taking a nice selfie while your room where you are unseen is actually a mess is not possible with this app! You can possibly take your photo again in the two minutes, but after 2 minutes your time is really up and you can share youith friends.

Chief and VP of Facilities Email Lists

Into Business Bottom Lines

As Post Marketing studies have become more prevalent. Both the FDA and pharmaceutical companies have become more interested in direct patient information. For many years this information was collected via traditional collection methods including paper forms and Interactive Voice Response Systems. With the introduction of the internet age and the plethora of smart devices in the market more modern methods of collecting data have been introduced in an attempt to speed data .

The nice thing about BeReal is that you do this at the same time with friends. Every day you also receive the BeReal photos from your friends, who are just doing the laundry or attending the kids’ swimming lesson.

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