Following the invalidation of the Privacy Shield, US cloud services relied on data processing agreements with their European customers.

However, this practice is highly questioned among data privacy experts, especially regarding its legality.

The statement now issued by the Danish data protection authority proves this once again. He complains -among other things- that

“The data processing agreement establishes that information may be transferred to third countries in support situations without the required level of security.”

The decision outlines four main issues:

  1. Suspension of the Helsingør City Council from processing information when it is transferred to third countries without the necessary level of protection.
  2. General prohibition of processing with Google Workspace until adequate documentation and impact analysis has been carried out and until the processing complies with the GDPR.

 It is an unspoken ritual

Yet it is felt by everyone. Most marketers focus on ‘giving back’, but during my anthropology training a lot of attention was also paid to receiving. That also feels like an obligation. 

You know the saying: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

This means that the potential Media Directors Email Lists customer (in the case of a business setting) has the idea that he should always accept a gift. Especially if he has the idea that you offer it to him personally. And once he has received that, he feels compelled to give something back or do something. 

Incidentally, and this applies to all mechanisms, the process almost always takes place unconsciously. You always accept gifts. Especially if it is a personal gift. But we can’t leave gifts behind for business either.

Of course it is up to us to do something with it, but you accept it. And when the time  comes to give something back, you do it without really thinking about it. 

Media Directors Managers Email Lists

Consequences for Danish Dutch

This latest decision comes after data privacy watchdogs in France and Austria ruled it illegal for European websites to use Google Analytics to track visitors due to a breach of European data privacy rules. data.

Also in this case the problem is that the personal data is transferred to the United States for processing without the consent of the website visitors.

According to statements from the Danish, Dutch and German privacy watchdogs, schools in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany will not be able to use Google’s email or cloud services.

Offering a gift already initiates the principle of reciprocity. So if you write a headline, you can start offering a gift. That doesn’t have to be a free giveaway, such as an e-book or white paper. It is possible, but this is also possible: 

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