His attire, his attitude, his accessories and luggage revealed his intentions. That is why it could be said that when a stranger arrived in. New lands he was treated with distance.  Since the visual codes could be different between cultures blessed non-globalized world. Warrior visual codes The importance of ‘pre-knowing’ the codes. They almost always work from the subconscious. And drink from what has been previously built in our minds. Preconceived ideas, previous experiences, advertising grounds, marketing. All this is accentuated when we listen to scientists explain how human beings reconstruct reality. And only 10% of what we see is really there. The remaining 90 is a reconstruction. That our brain does in real time based on previous experiences.

Everything is going at full speed

Everything is going at full speed, so let’s imagine how important it is to ‘pre-know’ what a bank or a hamburger restaurant is like. Thanks to the codes we T-Shirt Design Service can now quickly distinguish if what we see or who is talking to us is a fast food , a bank, a sustainable company, if it is dedicated to the health industry or the freight transport industry. The use of a specific color palette , a serif, stick or technological typeface. The use of materials or even the way a brand communicates reveal which category it belongs to. Visual codes help us instinctively categorize. 90-10 of visual codes in brands In branding we talk about the accumulation of elements of a brand that create its visual identity : logo , colors, fonts, iconographic elements and its visual system. This is true, but it is also true that most.

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We create a brand are made based

Those decisions, to say India Lead a number, occupy 90% of all the decisions we make when we create a brand. The rest, 10%, have to try to make a difference with their competitors in a visual way. A very small but super important percentage. It is this 10% that makes us differentiate one brand from another (we are talking about the general features and simplifying a lot, obviously). Not doing it, not complying with the 90-10, means that there are times when we see a brand and say to ourselves: “wow, it doesn’t look like an airline.” Or “that’s not a craft beer, it’s more like a wine.” we lose ourselves We do not code the information well. Codes according to sectors or businesses.

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