Like “El Pillo”, there are other content generators who have chosen not only. To stay in the world of social networks and youtube and have decided to start an alternative. Projects that have allowed them to increase their profits, Juan. Carlos has added to this list viana Prieto “Juca”, who not only boasts 5.7 million followers on her. Vlog channel or her workshop where she modifies. Cars but also count among her sources of income a clothing line and a. Mezcal called aileron that for months it is available in stores. Another YouTuber who years ago established herself as an influencer. Mari and castrejón, Yuya, has her own makeup brand and clothing line. The same case is that the girlfriend of “El Pillo”, the Venezuelan, Arianny Tenorio.

Another Youtuber Who Years Ago Established Herself

The influencer who is only on youtube exceeds 35 million followers. And adds as many from the rest of his social networks made his new project known through his stories on Instagram. Where he reported from Los altos, Jalisco that as soon as he found out about this product he wanted. To invest in it due to its spicy tamarind flavor.  A project of some people I met. Cracks in the production of beverages and their distribution. They were telling me costa Rica email list this project. That they bring, they gave me a try and I liked it so much that I said ‘wow. This product is going to be very, very famous, it’s going to be worldwide’, please. Sell me one part of your company, let me be a partner. In this, because the faith I have in this product is impressive, “He said in his Instagram stories.

They Were Telling Me About This Project That They

Costa Rica Email List

The drink, which is intended only for people over 18 years of age, joins the already long list of products by Luisito Comunica who, in the presentation of his tequila on social networks, recommends drinking it cold, while thanking his followers for the support they offer, in each of their innovations. Great opportunity For many years, this YouTuber from Puebla has positioned himself in the predilection of a large sector of the Mexican public, which allowed him to establish his name as a brand and enter the top of the most valuable content generators according to Statista site. His numbers speak and in terms of followers, he is only below the BADABUN platform and is followed, with a difference of several million, by the channels of Kimberly Loaiza, GENIAL

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