Editor’s introduction: Many designers will have this feeling. There is a big difference between what they learn in school and after entering the workplace. What they Austria Phone Number once thought was easy to achieve has become out of reach. For new designers, what are the learning mistakes in workplace design? The author of this article has made a summary for everyone based on his own professional experience. A few years ago, because I felt that I lacked knowledge of interaction design systems. I studied for a graduate student in Human-Computer Interaction and Austria Phone Number also tried an online training class. After I graduated and started working in a big factory. I found that many things I once took for granted were not really like that.

Don’t pursue too much looking Austria Phone Number

Unfortunately, when talking to junior/preliminary designers, I found that most of them are still repeating the same mistakes. Maybe some opinions are a little Austria Phone Number subjective, but I still want to summarize my past misunderstandings and give you a little reminder: 1. Don’t pursue too much looking at the high field Artificial intelligence, blockchain, service design… Every once in a while, some seemingly high-level concepts sweep the industry. Making everyone feel as if they have seen the wind. It took me seven years to see these interaction Austria Phone Number design learning mistakes But I want to warn everyone: commercial outlet ≠ design trend, the reason why everyone is blowing those concepts is not because of long-term industry expectations, but because of short-term business interests.

A good leader is more important Austria Phone Number

Austria Phone Number

For example: startups with artificial intelligence concepts are easy to get investment, block Chains can speculate on money laundering, service design can raise design Austria Phone Number consulting fees… And if we, as ordinary “workers,” follow the trend, we won’t get any real help. Because no matter what the field, most products will eventually fall on the user terminal, that is, the user interface. No matter how high-level the technical blessing behind this product, everyone needs the same designer. There is no need for these companies to specifically find designers in Austria Phone Number this field, and there is no need to spend an extra penny on them. New technologies may bring new terminal interaction methods such as language interaction, but this market is very small, far from mature, and it is easy to form a giant monopoly.



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