On the type of product use, for example, vegetable inks, ecological glues, or papers with ecological seals: 100% recycled paper, chlorine-free, with certification seals that guarantee the responsible management of forests and plantations. Make reusable packaging with additional functions to increase its useful life and give it an eco value. Coca-Cola with its reusable caps, Lee with its multitasking packs, Paboco with its biodegradable containers or the containers without water or based on vegetable fibers are some of the existing examples. “A paper bottle in each hand: this is what the future will look like if our innovation project is successful. The commercial and sustainable potential is enormous.” – Florian Müller, Paboco CTOreusable packaging Lee Trend 3: integrate the digital.

Into the physical The integration of these two spaces

Into the physical The integration of these two spaces, the omnichannel challenge , is increasingly important for brands. New consumption habits Clipping Path Service and user behavior have modified purchasing patterns and the customer journey, with the most common being that a brand experience begins online and ends offline , or vice versa. This trend has generated the appearance of ‘packs for packs’ ( lockers to collect online purchases), led to the resurgence of augmented reality (Apple would be about to launch glasses with which, among other things, you could interact with customers). packages) and focused on improving the post-delivery experience and the pack as a device. Trend 4: reinterpret luxury Sustainable luxury is revolutionizing the codes of luxury packaging.

Clipping Path Service

The world of premium products is reinventing

The world of premium products is reinventing itself in a sustainable way, aware of the profound changes that are taking place worldwide, without losing India Lead its shine and appeal. More and more luxury brands are changing their packaging to make it more sustainable, either by increasing the amount of recycled materials included in the packaging, or by creating compostable packaging. All under the motto ‘Green is the new black’. Veuve Clicquot is one of the companies in the luxury sector that is actively working on innovative and ecological solutions. Veuve Clickot Trend nº5: activism reaches packaging Packaging is an everyday element in the lives of consumers, so it must reflect the values ​​of each society and its historical moment in the same way that it is capable of communicating brand messages.

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