If you’re older, there’s more management.

How much? Some company management Belize WhatsApp Number List can even. Account for 50%, even if your company is not so exaggerated, it is probably 20%.

In a company, 20% to 50% of the people do not directly create value, it is because the company is big and must have some employees.

We calculate it by 50%, which means that an employee with an income of 10,000 yuan must be assigned another person to manage him.

Then the cost of this employee is 30,000 yuan, plus the management, two people is 60,000 yuan.

An employee finally got 10,000 yuan.

In fact, the company spent a total of nearly 60,000 yuan in order to operate.

After doing this calculation, you will realize how important it is to shrink the company, because its cost is beyond your imagination.

When the company encounters Belize WhatsApp Number List difficulties, the boss will have to keep fighting to survive.

Fourth, layoffs are also structural optimization

At this point, you might say that if the business does run into trouble, it will have to cut costs to cut costs.

But why are there still many companies that are actually doing well and yet lay off employees?

These companies are actually “taking advantage of the situation to lay off employees.”

What’s the meaning?

Belize WhatsApp Number List
Belize WhatsApp Number List

It is they feel that since everyone is saying that it is a wave of layoffs, layoffs at this time will not cause a rebound in society.

Therefore, some companies take this opportunity to optimize the structure of some labor costs. That is, he said to lay off some, but in fact he is also recruiting people at the same time, he is taking this opportunity to make some personnel adjustments.

Because many companies are laying off employees, it means that many excellent people will be released. By the way, he will kill some who they think are not very good, and then recruit some new blood.

So it seems that he is laying off staff. In fact, it is more important to adjust the staff structure.

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