Add at least two well-lit photos to your page so consumers can see the color difference in their clothing and have plenty of options for the angles that work best for them! All Bird Product Pages 3. Product Information Ecuador Phone NumberThis is one of the most important aspects of any ecommerce product page! Make sure to include all relevant information about your item, including size chart measurements and fabric care instructions (if applicable). Making sure customers know how to care for their new item is just as important as making sure they know the size of the new item!

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Add clear, concise instructions on how best to store or clean your product so there are no surprises after purchase. Red rectangle around product description on e-commerce site 4. Social proof Customers care Ecuador Phone Number about the opinions of others as much as they care about their own. Add testimonial or social media share buttons to your product pages so customers can easily find and read the reviews of other people who bought your items! This is a great way to convince undecided customers whether to buy your product. The absolute best form of social proof is video testimonials, especially if the person filming it resonates easily.

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No wonder influencer marketing works so well! Red rectangle around product reviews on product pages 5. Call to Action The Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons are the most important elements on the page. You wouldn’t Ecuador Phone Numbermake a penny without them! Make sure all buttons are prominent and clearly visible. You may even want to put multiple calls to action on each page, especially if your product pages are large. The red rectangle around the add to cart button 6. Offer options Offer customers product options in different sizes or colors. You might even want to set up your website to notify customers when specific product variants are back in stock.