Brand archetypes represent a concept created by Carl Jung and are sets of standards responsible for creating the personality traits, values, worldview and beliefs of an organization. From 12 types, we can classify the main brands and understand how they position themselves Learn About the 12 in relation to themselves and the market they are in. Ana Julia Ramos Jul 8, 20 | 14 min read brand archetypes what they are Just as human beings have individualities, worldviews and values, companies also need to develop some attributes to create real connections with the audience.


Brand Archetypes Are Great Learn About the 12

Ways to practice humanization and build good marketing from emotional triggers. Companies that have a well-defined identity and know how to Iceland Phone Number communicate using the best of their attributes, obtain the public’s trust much more easily, in addition to positioning themselves as the best option in purchasing decision-making processes . To define aspects such as the archetype and go further, developing behavior practices and brand positioning, it is important to understand which are the main ones and how each of them has been used by big names in the market.


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Exciting topic, keep reading! What is a brand archetype? The word archetype comes from the greek  archean means original and typo. Means standard type therefore the archetype is a standard that serves as. A model for people objects concepts and creations in general the theory was developed. By a psychiatrist and psychotherapist named carl jung who also founded analytical. Psychology and described the concept of the collective unconscious. According to him the collective unconscious is a kind of union of inherited materials. Transmitted from generation to generation that contain characteristics common to all people.

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