Captify gifts The interest, triggered in searches for Nintendo Wii, with respect to its competitors, could be due to the continental shortage of these Guatemala Email List products. Also the lack of materials that make up its chips has been able to contribute to this. As for the profiles interested in technology, Captify points out that they have changed slightly compared to 2020. This year it is Guatemala Email List techies and creatives who show the most interest in this category . Last Christmas they were the “eco conscious” people and “the business decision makers.”

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How do users search for Christmas Guatemala Email List gifts? The trend analysis around Christmas gift searches carried out by the Captify platform shows a marked increase in these searches at the end of November . The reason was due to the alarming news about product shortages , and finally starring those who took advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales.A new growth in searches has also been observed in mid-December by the more “planners and forecasters”, with Guatemala Email List more familiar profiles. The “last minute shoppers’ purchase their gifts (and thus make your Internet searches) in the days before Christmas Eve.

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Unlike in other countries, the Guatemala Email List searches for Christmas gifts in Spain continue well into the month of January . It is then when a good part of the users (“last minute buyers”) take advantage of the sales to buy their gifts from Kings.By analyzing the most relevant dimensions around Christmas shopping between October 2020 and January 2021, Captify points out Guatemala Email List how the return and shipping policy were decisive when making the decision to buy online. Promotions follow, something that e-commerce advertisers should take into account when making their offer known.

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