If you create content based on a horizontal SEO strategy, for keywords with. A low search volume or content that mainly provides information, it can be difficult to measure what your content delivers. This means that you have to come up with a different approach to measuring the results. Think of offering a free magazine, requesting a sample package or requesting advice by telephone. If someone converts in that way, you can measure that and assign a value to it.

The market is open

You can often be found by making a good page, which means that the threshold to try horizontal SEO is very low. Especially for smaller companies that cannot compete with the marketing teams and associated budgets of the Canada Phone Number big boys.Tpoke with occupational and organizational You then have no turnover or a transaction, but you do have a soft conversion or micro conversion.“For the young generation, preconditions such as salary are often not the most relevant,” says Geertje Peneder.

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It’s important, but it’s even more about connecting with the internal drivers. Only in this way can you find and maintain the connection with this generation. Variety is a good example of an internal motivation that consultants, among others, can connect well with. Seeing many different customers is a motivation that appeals to young people.”Good colleagues are not necessarily good copywriters or social writers. Sometimes the ideas and the topics are brilliant, but they don’t always come across well on paper. You’d be surprised how many people tend to write from within the company rather than from the customer. Shame! Therefore, link a copywriter to your colleagues who monitors the tone-of-voice , gives structure to the article and of course checks for any spelling errors. This way you make your content as valuable as possible.

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