2.2 Solve the problem Ecuador WhatsApp Number List of inefficient use of attention

The reasons for the inefficient use of attention may be in the following situations:

  • inner resistance, procrastination
  • no purpose
  • do useless work
  • confusion
  • Organizational system chaos
  • Excessive pursuit of the “perfect plan”
  • The problem stuck and consumes too much attention resources
  • Distracted by too many small tasks
  • Don’t know where your time really spent
  • Low output when energy is low

2.2.1 Inner resistance, procrastination

Brainwashing mantras can used, and a favorite Ecuador WhatsApp Number List mantra can strongly associated. With one’s own state (essentially “set triggers. Through a habit of cues and clues, to establish a relationship. With the habit in the brain. For example, when reciting. When you say “Just do it”, act immediately. Over time, when you encounter “psychological resistance” to action. This brainwashing mantra can help you avoid procrastination.

2.2.2 No Purpose

In dealing with work (including learning), it is necessary to carry out effective actions around the “real work goal” at all times. For example: “speed reading” is always popular nowadays. Many people are tired of “speed reading” a large number of books, and they never follow up after reading them.

They do not take notes, and do not integrate them

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List
Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

Into their actual life and work skills, even the content I can’t even remember it, and I’m afraid reading it like this (can only say “read the word”) is ineffective.

Therefore, when dealing with any job, ask more “why do this job” and find the most essential purpose.

2.2.3 Doing “Useless Work”

The more you do, the more you gain. Gaining more is often because you have done enough “right things”. A common futile effort is to reinvent the “wheel”. Many programmers are overly “technical” and desperately study technology, but forget the purpose (“what problem should be solved with technology”), resulting in too much useless work. great contribution.

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