Maatschappelijke missie zit verweven in Lithuania Phone Number de identiteit van Marqt. Dat het merk niet tevren is met de status quo maakt. Het meteen al bij de eerste ontmoeting duidelijk. SPAR is a Dutch supermarket chain with  The brand positions itself as the center of the neighborhood and a supermarket where everything can be found. Words such as convenience, cosy, enjoy and friendliness come to the fore. This is further apart from the character of a brand that wants to bring about system change. If we plot  Lithuania Phone Number this in our BSR model , the following picture emerges (see.

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Figure two brands that represent almost Lithuania Phone Number opposite value patterns and connect with customer. Droups with somewhat contrasting lifestyles. Rstands for progressiveness, curiosity and the urge for freom and self-development. Green, on the other hand, feels more comfortable with certainty, security and Lithuania Phone Number safety. Spar and Marqt Figure 1: Positioning Marqt and SPAR in BSR model The values ​​behind the BSR model Figure Lithuania Phone NumberBSR model The method In May 2021, we divid n=300 respondents into two groups. Group 1 saw the existing brand story of SPAR and group 2 saw the existing brand story of Marqt.

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We then show both groups the Lithuania Phone Number same statement, stating that this statement came from SPAR/Marqt. In this statement, both supermarkets make a statement about meat consumption. We ask both groups of respondents to what extent they thought this fit with the brand. The results of these statements were us to create an authenticity scale. In the study, we saw that the statement was seen as more appropriate for Marqt than for SPAR (see figure 4). statement Figure 3: The statement that both SPAR and Marqt took Figure 4 shows how, according to respondents, the supermarkets scor on the Lithuania Phone Number authenticity of the statement.

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