Here I recommend everyone to take a Armenia WhatsApp Number List look at Fu Sheng’s “Cognitive Trilogy” to help you deepen your understanding. I will not attach the link, so you can find it yourself.


Metacognition is the “neural network” of the human body. The more developed and more sensitive the neural network is, the more conducive to the growth of the “brain”.

Metacognition is the cognition and ability of “one’s own thinking process”, and it is the main determinant of cognitive upgrading. The stronger the metacognitive ability, the richer and deeper the understanding of “self” and “other body”.

for example:

When you hear “vermicompost is edible and has high nutritional value”. What was your first reaction?

As if you didn’t hear it? Believe it directly? Or start thinking about whether this statement is correct, and invoke your previous knowledge of earthworms and worm droppings for analysis?

Once you start analyzing, no matter what the results of the analysis are, you activate metacognitive abilities. Repeated activation of the metacognitive ability, he will become stronger and stronger.

Another example:

Empathy is a word that everyone talks about in the market. Simply explained: Empathy is the ability to feel empathy for others.

Metacognitive ability is proportional Armenia WhatsApp Number List to empathy. People with strong metacognitive ability are more likely to have empathy. Why? People with strong metacognitive abilities are better at self-thinking and excavation, and better at perceiving their inner emotions.

In other words, people with strong metacognitive abilities know

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Armenia WhatsApp Number List

themselves better inside. How can a person who can’t even feel himself feel empathy with others? It’s so simple, just think about it.

Therefore, people with strong metacognitive ability are constantly “reflecting”, “checking”, “revising” and “upgrading” the cognition in their brains.

The concept of “metacognition” comes from Mr. Li Xiaolai’s column “The Road to Wealth and Freedom”. I am very grateful to Mr. Li Xiaolai. Previously, this concept belonged to Teacher Li Xiaolai, but now this concept belongs to me.

When you finish reading this article, it will be yours from now on. This is the selflessness and power of knowledge.

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