Since its creation in 2008, Airbnb managed to redefine the concept of hospitality and quickly became. One of the most important collaborative economy platforms in this industry. Its dynamics were simple: it offered a new lodging concept. In fact, and based on information from the company, collaborative consumption takes advantage of. Technology and online communication to share goods and services temporarily or permanently. Between individuals, for free or for a fee. Making with this more efficient the occupation of real estate for a defined time. Already for 2018, a world ranking prepared by statist measured the direct economic impact of Airbnb. In that year, the impact of the platform in the united. States amounted to almost 34,000 million dollars, which placed the. American country is in the first position worldwide among the preferences of this hosting scheme.

Important Collaborative Economy Platforms in This Industry.

Mexico was not entirely far from these numbers, since in the national. The territory reached a value of 2,700 million dollars. The same year, a total of five million guests stayed in the country. Through this online platform, of which half stated that they. Used the contact number list India money saved on lodging expenses in local businesses. Airbnb and its changes in the pandemic. Offering a message focused on offers and aimed at generating traffic and sales; in contrast to brand marketing. Or branding with which it is aimed at building the image of a brand and generating user loyalty.

Destined for Performance Marketing or Performance Marketing

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In hard data that has the page itself and a press conference by its director. Brian Chesky as a source, Airbnb cut its marketing spending by 662 million dollars. Because of this discovery, Airbnb decided to shift spending from performance marketing to brand marketing. At the same time, it will focus more on public relations and customer service. Of the brand. Brands have used data-driven targeting on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to drive rapid sales growth.

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