This way you can say a lot more about the effect of your YouTube campaigns. Facebook It is also possible on Facebook to carry out a Brand Lift Study by asking the target group a short question. You can now also set this up in the account itself, although here Israel WhatsApp Number List too a minimum budget of $5000 per week is recommended to achieve significant results.

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There has been an extra feature within Facebook for a while: An estimated increase in ad memory (people). This is a metric with which you as a marketer can see an estimate of the increase in consumers who will remember your branding message when asked 2 days later. There is also the Optimization Increase in ad recall, where Facebook uses machine learning.

Israel WhatsApp Number List
Israel WhatsApp Number List

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Although it is a reasonable black box at the moment, it is an interesting metric. To gain more insight into the effect of your campaigns. More and more possibilities to measure For example, we notice that the major platforms such as Google (YouTube) and Facebook are actively responding to trends such as PBB

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