As an aside, there is some confusion about how to pronounce Podimo. I’ve heard a lot of variations: Poh-di-mow (my personal choice), Pòh-di-mo, Poh-dí-mow and Peu-di-meu. Fortunately, the makers themselves also joke about it in their online advertisements for the app.

Because I like to listen to POM myself, I was tempted to enter into a trial period of six months on Podimo. I’ve been trying the app for a few weeks now. Time for a little tour.

Here you will find Podimo for Apple users and here for Android . You can explore the app without registering and listen to the free offer. To listen to the exclusive offer you need to register. You can create an account with Apple, Google, Facebook or email. If you choose to register by email, then only your name and a password are required. Then choose your payment method for your subscription.

Discover tab How does Podimo work?

In terms of looks, the app is very similar to Spotify. When you open Podimo, you immediately end up in an overview where you can discover the podcast range. You will find a search bar filters for CMO Email Lists audiobooks and genres. Tip: you can filter somewhat by genres. For example, under ‘business’ you will find subcategories such as career, entrepreneurship, management and marketing.

Furthermore, on this tab you will find a number of featured podcasts, the most popular podcasts, recommendations from Podimo, new releases, trending podcasts and the best series. A number of podcasts are labeled ‘Exclusive’. Exclusively for paying subscribers.

CMO Email Lists

Video Trailers Tab

At the bottom you will find a button to adjust your interests that should influence the content that you are recommended. Striking: after adjusting my interests I do not see any changes in the overview.

Another thing that stands out is the center tab icon, which reminds me of the Instagram Reels icon. In this section you will find the video trailers of podcasts, short videos meant to discover new shows. I expect more trailers to follow, because I was through the videos pretty quickly, so it doesn’t offer much added value at the moment.

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