In this scenario, quality is more important than quantity. After all, it was high time to offer something beyond the product or service itself. I say this because, with the technological speed in which we live, it was easy to find the same offer on the side, in the competition. So, in an attempt to win over and retain an audience with more and more purchase options, the service found a path that never ceased to be successful: the relationship. So is this being Customer Centric? Also! The Customer Centric strategy is based on the premise of placing the customer at the center of the business.

In this sense, all your planning, decision-making Estonia Phone Numbers and analysis are based on what is best for the consumer. As you build humanized service in your company, you are, in a way, establishing a customer-focused culture . Thus, the entire purchase journey , from the initial approach to support and after-sales, will aim to meet and satisfy the demands of each individual. Curious and want to learn more about it? Discover 5 practical tips to apply the Customer Centric concept in your company. The importance of humanized care Just as important as working with a Customer Centric perspective is keeping the personal factor of service.

Robots And Humans And

Remember that the professional behind this function has the purpose of serving and helping others. So if you want to add value to your business, start by delivering empathy . According to a study carried out by the multinational Amdocs, more than 80% of people prefer to talk to human agents in attendance. For the interviewees, this fact is due to our ability to better serve and answer multiple questions at the same time. And the great truth is that yes, people are more capable of perceiving and interpreting the feelings of others than machines. Therefore, they are fundamental in service, which is one of the main front lines of an organization.

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Check out these other benefits that humanized care can make possible: Increases the level of customer satisfaction; Decreases abandonment and cancellation of services; Promotes a loyal and more engaged audience with the brand; Contributes to the profitability of the business; Extends competitive advantage; Motivates and encourages employees to seek their best; It favors the company’s image. Okay, so should I definitely replace technology with people? Never! And by the way, why do we have this obsession with thinking that one thing replaces the other? Technology plays a very important role as an ally in humanized care . After all, even if the consumer prefers a more personal contact, he also strives for the efficiency of the services.

Gone Are The Days When

For example. more complex support issues should be handled by employees – who will be tactful enough to talk to the buyer. clarifying their doubts. While simple and recurring problems can be handled by a chatbot . programmed to direct the customer to the answers they are looking for. This synergy is also responsible for improving service in companies! When you can count on artificial intelligence to solve frequent demands. you can unburden other support channels. allowing agents to have time to dedicate themselves to a more special relationship with the consumer.

Tips for providing humanized care The more we think about the importance of the human touch in a customer-company relationship. the more we want to make it a reality. don’t we? That’s why we’ve separated some tips for you to offer a humanized service of excellence in your business as well. Shall we check? 1. Humanize your automations Automating certain operations is crucial to provide an agile and assertive service. Therefore. technology must be very present in the day to day of those who provide support. As? Through automation tools .

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