There has been a lot of news about layoffs Cambodia WhatsApp Number List in Internet companies recently. A classmate left a message in the background saying:

A friend from college, graduated and went to an Internet company with unlimited popularity. Recently, the entire department has been withdrawn…

I’m so nervous, my company’s performance is not good, and I’m worried that I will be the next one?

I can’t sleep well all night, what should I do?

I can deeply understand that every friend who loses his job has an entire family behind him.

There must be some people who have Cambodia WhatsApp Number List to repay their mortgages and car loans every month;

I also believe that every boss who makes a decision to lay off employees is also suffering inwardly. They must have tossed and turned to make such a painful decision.

In any case, layoffs are really happening around you and me, what should we do?

Today I will talk to you about a few topics, which is a bit rational, but I believe you will have a different perspective:

1. What kind of Internet companies are laying off employees?

2. Are only Internet companies laying off workers?

3. How much does the company cost to hire an employee?

1. Who is laying off staff

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List
Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

Regarding the recent layoffs, it is the Internet companies that are on the cusp of layoffs. I divide these Internet companies into two categories.

One is that they have not yet found a profit model, they have been relying on financing to support them, and they are constantly rushing forward to win users.

At this time, the closed-loop business model has not yet been formed, let alone listed, and such Internet companies are the main force for layoffs.

It is easy to understand that financing is the nutrient for these companies. With the impact of the economy and the general environment, the amount of money that can be raised has also narrowed.

Investors also see that the short-term listing is hopeless, so the chances of raising money will naturally become less and less.

The business relies heavily on financing, so he has to lay off staff. Only in this way can he at least survive first.

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