Develop a “minimum necessary factor” task. For example, when you Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List are learning a certain skill for the first time. You can choose the “minimum. Necessary knowledge” of the skill to learn. Repeatedly ask yourself “what is the “minimum. Necessary knowledge” required to learn this skill. Make a list of knowledge points and skills. And then break through them one by one .

Idea 3: Sometimes the valuation of work can be used to judge importance

For example: Calculate the cost per unit time based on your monthly salary. And then evaluate whether the input-output ratio of the task is cost-effective.

(7) Outsourcing low-value tasks

Some low-value tasks are necessary to Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List achieve our goals. And we can choose to outsource them. For example, for the promotion of human flesh, you can publish related tasks on the Witkey platform instead of advertising one by one.

Note :

Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List
Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List
  • The premise of outsourcing is that you can clearly describe the outsourcing requirements; otherwise, the communication cost between the two parties is very high, and it is not as efficient as completing it yourself.
  • Less profitable projects may not be suitable for outsourcing because you have little money to make.

(8) Limited time

When setting goals, be sure to set a completion time. If it is a mid- to long-term project, milestones can be set for the “important nodes” of the project.

I think you must have had the experience that “if there is time, then the work will continue to extend until the time is exhausted (the famous Parkinson’s law)”, to put it directly, it is “procrastination”. So, be sure to set a time limit for each task and force yourself to complete the task within the time limit.

Notes :

  • When setting deadlines, it’s important to consider tasks that others have inserted, leaving some “flex space” and not overcrowding.
  • Moderately arrange more workload than the usual pace, forcing yourself to improve efficiency; or compress time, such as taking a vacation first, compressing the work into a shorter period, and efficiency is sometimes forced out.

(9) Develop activities after completing the goals

Formulate what to do after completing daily goals and weekly goals, such as where to go to play (learn to reward yourself), etc. It is easy to procrastinate if there is no plan after completing the goal. For example, without a plan for how you’ll play after completing your daily goal, that day’s goal can easily take over your day.

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