The IOUU emerged in June 2016 with the idea of ​​a better financial world. We want to revolutionize the outdated Brazilian banking system and guarantee better deals for everyone.

We are inspired by Funding Circle Europe and Prosper US. and like them, we are passionate about micro. and small companies, so we want to revolutionize the way they get financing. To that end, we want to build a marketplace and make financing fair, easy and fast.

What is your current business model?

Bruno Sayao : We connect businesses that want Brazil Phone Number to grow with investors who want loans. By removing the complexities of dealing with other lenders, businesses can get financing in as little as 2 weeks, and investors have the potential to earn higher returns by lending to them.

IOUU only charges a credit origination fee after the company is able to obtain the required loan amount.

We try to notify companies within 48 hours if they can lend to us, and we create a very efficient process that, in banks, is inefficient.

By operating online and using technology to simplify our processes, we make business lending easy and fast.

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What has been the biggest achievement of IOUU since its inception last year?

At the same time, we have also opened up a type of investment that has not been available until now. With thousands of loans at their fingertips, investors can quickly diversify by lending a small amount to each loan.

Also, the interest rates charged are much lower than banks. Because our spreads are extremely low because. The whole process is done 100% online we do not hide tariffs. And the borrower knows exactly how much interest to pay, IOF and Rate.

One of our biggest achievements is already in the pre-operational stage.

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