Brand communities Having a large number of customers does not mean having a large community. But neither is having many followers on social networks. The criteria for identifying the members of a community is interest in the brand and its activities. Not belonging to a database itself. Engagement, not registration. That is why more and more brands that want to clearly.  Identify their communities and be able to manage them professionally are escaping from the networks. Of others to create their own. FC Barcelona has more than 150,000 members and 103 million followers on Facebook. And despite this it has created Culers Premium Membership. A subscription program based on exclusive content and merchandising. It is not just a way to monetize the fan.

It allows them to identify them unequivocally

It allows them to identify them unequivocally, distinguish them from the mere interested party or the seeker of promotions, and learn from them based Illustrator Art Work on feedback based on facts, not on likes. Love with love is paidbrand communities The Passion Economy concept began to become popular around 2019 to identify the logic behind new business models 100% based on the creation, empowerment and engagement of fans. From the initial Kickstarter model, where a specific project is financed from micro-donations, it has gone to one based on subscription. First Patreon, and then OnlyFans, offer the possibility to finance the work/career of one or several independent creators on a regular and systematic basis, which becomes for practical purposes a viable alternative to a salary from someone else.

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Rewards for contributions, fans and creators enter into a much more complex type of relationship than that of tips. If you India Lead ask a fan for money, you have to deliver a top experience for the fan . It may seem very obvious, but determining what “top experience” means is quite a trial and error exercise where empathy, transparency and authenticity are essential. And that implies speaking the same language as the community, involving them in common challenges and ambitions, being by their side through thick and thin. A challenge for independent creators, an even bigger challenge for brands. Brand communities, pluralTCM Brand Communities People often talk about community when in reality every brand has communities.

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