Cookies – the annoying banners that almost all websites present to you on your first visit – track you as you browse the web. This profiling is used in the field of marketing so that companies can publish specific advertisements. But cookies have it tough lately: Google and Apple, the owners of Android, the iPhone, and the Chrome and Safari browsers, are phasing out support for so-called third-party cookies and mobile advertising identifiers.

How do they deal with this at Moneybird? “Our projects arise from customer demands, either because we want to make a difference compared to our competitors or because our colleagues like to take the initiative! By doing what you find fun, interesting and/or important, you often end up in an upward spiral, because a great sense of happiness at work leads to even more happiness. As a manager, therefore, do not aim for results, but for happiness, well-being and positive energy.

Everything to Do With

You can do this in many different ways. Sometimes it’s the little things too. Successfully completed a project together? Celebrate your success and have a nice dinner together. Organize a ‘fit month’, in which you Payroll Directors Email Lists go together for a certain goal. Or go for a walk together when you see someone having a rough week and catch up while eating a sandwich. Take the time to find out how someone is really doing. Attention is the key to success.”

The conclusion of the research by Newcom is clear: “The difference in happiness at work can only be made if it is fundamentally right.” They also make clear what that basis is in the pyramid of happiness at work. Dissatisfiers are the basis here (such as employment conditions, work  atmosphere), satisfiers (such as satisfaction, autonomy and recognition) make the difference.

Payroll Directors Email Lists

Data Is Data Science

Profiling on the web is a gold mine. It allows data brokers to sell your profiles to advertisers. Who then use and abuse your data to place targeted ads. Data brokers are now moving away from using cookies to track you via your email address or phone number. But you can easily stop being profiled and tracked. Here’s how to do it.

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