With good questions you can ensure the right direction and speed up the conversation. With the output of this meeting, the first colleagues will start writing a blog, for example.The second point is looking ahead: what is going on, what is current, what can we tap into? (Tip for your colleagues: after a (telephone) conversation with your customer, ask: ‘Have Hong Kong Phone Number you been helped enough?’ This often yields very valuable input.)Finally, you agree on who will do what. It’s all new and takes some getting used to, so make good agreements about deadlines. You then evaluate the activities and results the next time. This way you keep people Hong Kong Phone Number involved and you keep the flow in it.

 Keep The Flow In It

Then schedule short meetings on a Hong Kong Phone Number regular basis. Preferably at fixed times, for example at the beginning of the day or of the week. This provides structure, especially if you have three fixed agenda items.First Hong Kong Phone Number of all, during these meetings you show what the results are. It is not so much a question of quantity, but of quality. Which posts did well and why, what Hong Kong Phone Number interaction did they evoke? Show your colleagues that what they do pays off! Also look at what could be done better. For example, test Hong Kong Phone Number with different images.


Hong Kong Phone Number


Using a dashboard, you can easily make the Hong Kong Phone Number results accessible to everyone. Do that too, because good results make people happy. Success invites you to continue!It becomes even more fun when your colleagues get something in return for their efforts. Who created the most valuable content? The person who provided the most clicks, the most views, the longest session duration or the most scroll depth this month will receive a gift voucher, for example. Or make it a team effort: did everyone make three valuable articles in Hong Kong Phone Number a quarter? Then a certain amount goes into the pot for a team outing. A win-win situation.

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