At Discover, Google’s automated systems Poland Phone Number determine what may be of interest to users. Why should you pay attention to Google Discover? With a market share of 92% , Google is the largest search engine in the Poland Phone Number world. In Belgium and the Netherlands , that market share is as much as 93% and 94% respectively. Google is getting smarter thanks to the use of AI. That is why the ‘query less’ way of searching is becoming more and more popular. With Discover, you can influence users before they actively Poland Phone Number search. The goal of Discover is to respond even faster and better to the.

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We needs and expectations of the Poland Phone Number users and thus to be not only a ‘search engine’, but also a ‘discovery engine’. Also read: SEO in 2022: 7 predictions by an SEO specialist Meanwhile, Google Discover already Poland Phone Number has more than 800 million active users worldwide. How can I optimize my articles? Of course, the big question for the SEOs among us is: what exactly do I have to do to have my articles appear in Google Discover? Google already indicated that it is not possible to optimize your articles for Google Discover as it is possible for organic search results. It is not about what the user is Poland Phone Number looking for, but about what Google thinks the user wants to know.

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It is therefore not known exactly Poland Phone Number what you have to do to rank. But there are certain factors that are important to take into account: 1. Take care of your content An important factor that determines whether you Poland Phone Number appear in Google Discover or not is the quality of your content. Is the content of your article not good? Then it doesn’t even make sense to spend time on the other factors. Thanks to the content, among other things, Google knows what your website is about. And does Google think your Poland Phone Number content is what the user is looking for? Then it will appear in Google Discover.

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