When the brain switches tasks Estonia WhatsApp Number List frequently. It will consume more brain power, so learn to reduce task switching. A practical approach that can taken batch processing, where similar tasks processed together at the same time. For example, unified view of subscription content, WeChat and other chat messages.

2.2.9 Not knowing your own attention consumption

If there is no record of your attention consumption, it is difficult to objectively reflect on yourself (is it consumed on some low-value things, etc.), so as to improve. The attention consumption data itself is difficult to count, and we can reflect the attention consumption data by counting the time consumption data.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of recording time consumption.

For example, I will use the daily target template

Below to record time consumption, and use Estonia WhatsApp Number List this log to objectively analyze. And reflect on my time utilization efficiency. Moreover, with continuous recording, there is a more subjective experience: gradually you have a more subtle ability to perceive time, and the time consumption of tasks is estimated more and more accurately.

2.2.10 When energy is insufficient, attention utilization efficiency is low

When people feel tired and lack of energy, the brain will produce negative emotions to stop your current work in order to “save energy”. At this time, you can switch to another easier job (or entertainment, such as playing a familiar guitar tune, or going to exercise) to avoid aggravating your inner resistance. Of course, you can also review your goals (or more long-term dream list) to rekindle your motivation.

Recovery stage

Estonia WhatsApp Number List
Estonia WhatsApp Number List

A very important step in order to improve and improve is to “review”. The review work here is mainly to review the completion of the target, including the daily target and weekly target of the review.

(1) Daily target review

Before the end of the work every day, check the completion of the target list. If it not achieved, sure to analyze the objective reasons. Is it because there are too many goals? Or was it influenced by others during execution, or was it for other reasons?

Thinking back and forth will improve your ability to set goals. Also, don’t forget to allocate some of your weekly goals to the next day’s daily goals.

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