As in this example on Instagram . The advantage New Zealand Phone Number of this form of communication is that the most important message immediately catches the eye. More detailed information about the underlying research can be found in the caption below the infographic. Smart! 3. Make a long story short As an New Zealand Phone Number organization, you probably have endless things to say about your company, product or brand. But the time of your followers is not endless. So always check: what is the real core of my story? And take the World Wildlife Fund as an example. In the YouTube series WWF in 1 minute , the conservationists tell how they protect forests in just 60 seconds. Or what a North Sea New Zealand Phone Number expedition looks like.

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An yes, it only really takes 60 seconds. That’s New Zealand Phone Number strong. The other information can then be found on the extensive theme page . 4. Give your story a face How do you make clear what it means New Zealand Phone Number when you carry out employee insurance policies? And what exactly are the Wajong, the Allowance Act or the WAZ? To explain this, the UWV government agency gives the floor to people who make use of one of the insurance policies themselves. They tell how the insurance policies help them to pick up the thread in their lives. Honest, sincere and unadorned. Like this Facebook post : Nice detail: UWV shares the New Zealand Phone Number same story on LinkedIn , but from a different angle.

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The text is tailored to the professional New Zealand Phone Number LinkedIn target group, such as job coaches. A good example of how you can bring one story to the attention of two target groups in different ways. And do you think: what a long caption with that post? Research by Coosto shows that long texts on social media perform New Zealand Phone Number well if you want to score on interaction and reach. Do you want people to click on a link? Then be concise and to the point . 5. Make a comparison Of course you can New Zealand Phone Number write an inspiring article about why it is better to drink a glass of water than a glass of Coke.

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