When I look at the reviews about Podimo, I find more complaints about the search function that does not work properly, the lack of overview of the app and missing functions such as the automatic archiving of listened episodes (you have to do that yourself), the automatic playback of the next episode, sound settings or streaming on external speakers from Sonos or Google, for example. The app also does not work or does not work well with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. As far as features are concerned, they can look a bit more at an app like Pocket Casts.

The criticism that dominates is that the. That is a huge disadvantage, since podcasts are also often listened to on the road or during exercise. In any case, it’s a good reason to disable the ‘streaming with mobile data’ option for the time being and to download the episodes you want to listen to on the go.

Competition lurking

All in all, the concept of Podimo is not bad and it is not an unexpected development that podcasts disappear behind a paywall. But there is still plenty of room for improvement. And that is allowed, because Podimo is the first on COO Email List the market to put podcasts behind the paywall in this way. Competition is lurking.

For example, in mid-June 2022 (this month), the Dutch initiative FLUISTER will be launched : a streaming platform in which Dutch publishers join forces and offer audiobooks, e-books and podcasts for €12.99 per month. After the summer, Podimo’s Swedish counterpart PodMe is expected, which, like Podimo, tries to tie popular shows exclusively to itself. And then you have tech giants such as.

COO Email List

Podimo app guzzles mobile data

Spotify and Apple that may come up with similar models or perhaps make an acquisition. In any case, you will have to listen to different podcasts on different platforms for now. That doesn’t necessarily make it any clearer.

Have you already sniffed around Podimo or are you planning to? I’m curious about your experiences!

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