Fourth that the work needs an audience and it is sad that the audience for art photography consists of the circle of creators and their friends. The State must strengthen the efforts that will combine exhibitions publications and education. Indirect or direct. The State must strengthen them because this is mainly how photography spreads. Exhibitions are forgotten. Versions remain. Finally and above all the State either through the Ministry of Culture or through the Ministry of Education or with the help of the Local Government must understand that photography as easy accessible and modern medium is an ideal tool for familiarizing students and adults with artistic creation.

I have been teaching photography for a few

All the arts will benefit from this. However I Illustrator Art Work feel the need to emphasize in closing my remarks that beyond any state aid photography today in Greece is the art that has made the most progress and that has the least to envy from abroad. Art without tradition in our country has acquired many devoted followers in recent years and managed to multiply its presence rate and significantly improve the knowledge field of its creators and fans. I have been teaching photography for a few years now. I don’t know if this legitimizes me for expressing opinions with the weight of objective truth around the subject of teaching in general but I will attempt to quote some empirical conclusions as well as my feelings from teaching photography.

Illustrator Art Work

The public may like him but he remains

Part of the allure of teaching but also its anguish India Lead is its kinship with theatre. The teacher is an actor with an audience in front of him. The public may like him but he remains demanding. He silently asks to receive messages and even his possible real weakness is ready to attribute it to the actorteacher. This latter must before thinking about what to say ask himself how to say it. Even if one correct or intelligent remark may interest an audience ten or twenty correct remarks are sure to lull them to sleep and not achieve their purpose. So the teacher must think first of all about the composition the genre the quality of his audience the reason that brings them all together the motivation of attending.

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