It is the ability to create shortcuts to perform an action with just one key that would otherwise require several clicks or presses. These keys can also be set to a unique color illumination to make them easier to find while playing. Gamers love to play in dimly lit rooms so keyboard lighting is even more important. Gamers love to play in dimly lit rooms so keyboard lighting is even more important. The type of switches that the manufacturer us when making either a normal or a gaming keyboard is also important. With the latter it is important that the response time from pressing the keyboard to the realization on the screen is as short as possible.

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Some keyboards on ordinary laptops have built in switches that respond less wey Gambling Email List tll if you press the same key several times. This is not suitable for gaming especially if you are consider a more passionate gamer who violently beats the keyboard. Comparison of key features of regular and gaming laptops For even better transparency we have also prepar a comparison table of the key features of ordinary and gaming laptops. Gaming laptop A regular laptop Processor high performance standard design for lighter tasks RAM memory between and GB between and GB Graphic card dicat integrat.

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Cooling system advanc with built in additional fans usuah India Lead illy only one fan is install Keyboard illuminat with switches that have a high sensitivity to each pressure normal with switches suitable only for normal typing Number of inputs enough inputs for many accessories fewer inputs for connecting basic equipment Portability heavier very light Screen larger high resolution smaller poorer resolution Speakers stronger standard Battery up to two hours with continuous use up to six hours with continuous use Life span longer shorter The price from approx. euros onwards from approx.

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